The Valley of the Spring-Daughter

When a brutal and unnatural winter threatens his people, a lone warrior braves a forbidden valley to uncover the nature of their curse.

image by KristerP

In late 2010 I entered a mythic fantasy piece in the 11th Annual Short Short Story Competition hosted by Writer’s Digest.  It wasn’t selected as a winner, but writing it spawned other ideas set in the same world, creating a side-project I sometimes work on when taking a break from my novel–an eastern fantasy project inspired by martial arts films.

I decided to post the story so that visitors to my blog who are interested can get a sense of what they might find in my fiction when more of it becomes available.  The contest had a limit of 1500 words, so it’s a short piece.

While searching for an image to use with this post, I discovered the blog of a hobby photographer who posts terrific photos.  Definitely worth dropping by for a visit.

Do you have any of your creations posted online that you’d like to share–fiction, poetry, photos, art, or something else?  Please leave a link in the comments below.

Read The Valley of the Spring-Daughter

17 thoughts on “The Valley of the Spring-Daughter

  1. Karen McFarland

    Very cool pic Mike! It goes very well with the sentence of your story idea. Uh, other than one editor who shall remain nameless along with Donna Newton who is currently reading an ms of mine, you would not have read anything from me. Nope. Not yet I’m afraid. And it’s gonna be a while. 🙂

    1. Mike Schulenberg Post author

      That’s okay, I totally understand…it’s going to be a while before my novel is finished. I’m looking forward to reading your work when it’s ready. Make sure you send us all a link 🙂

  2. Kirsten

    Well, I don’t have even close to a whole story posted anywhere, but…I did put up some tidbits leading up to NaNoWriMo, to introduce my project to the world. Don’t laugh, because the world didn’t seem to notice. Anyway, they’re, well…have a look:

    And it seems I never posted the third letter on the blog.
    Yay, it looks like I have my blog post for tomorrow in the bag! 🙂

  3. Prue

    Fantastic photo Mike! Thanks for posting the link because the photos on Krister’s site are awesome. I have a ‘thing’ about stone circles and avenues. I’ve got a fantasy story set in Iron Age Britain when the Romans first arrived, based on a small stone circle I saw in Wales.

    I’ll be reading your story later this week – right now there is an essay (unfinished) to be handed in tomorrow. Ugh!

    1. Mike Schulenberg Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the link. Yeah, Krister definitely has some great stuff there. Your story sounds interesting. Is it ready to read yet, or are you still working on it?

      Good luck on your essay. I’m sure it’ll be great 🙂

      1. Prue

        It’s nowhere near ready 😦
        I started Time to Go in NaNoWriMo 2010, did a bit more last year. Truth is there are dark parts to the story and it scares the heeby jeebies out of me 🙂
        Not sure I have the skill to do it justice yet…
        I’m working on Mystery in Morocco first. 2nd revision.

          1. Prue

            Thanks Mike.
            The only thing to read at present is on my blog – a very short story (nano-story 🙂 It had to be 200 words or less!) published last year.

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