Battered warriors flee across lands scarred by war and haunted by ancient spirits, sustained only by a fading hope.  Once-glittering empires, now tarnished and crumbling among dying stars, languish beneath rulers that plot and scheme on their thrones.  Otherworldly horrors lie imprisoned in darkness, clawing at the cracks spreading through reality, hungering for what has long been denied them…

Mike Schulenberg writes speculative fiction exploring friendship and strength in a universe on the verge of devouring itself.  He is a creator and destroyer of worlds.

He is also a friend of cats.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. S.A.Hussey

    …not denied but what is rightfully theirs. Banished to the underworld; cursed forever, to become freaks and spawns. With the elder race gone, so is the barrier. The cracks have claws and the fissure hiss. From below the nightmares are breaking free. The otherworld is alive. Prepare. She is coming.

    (And, she loves cats).


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