The Month of the Haiku

I’ve never been a huge consumer of poetry, but I’ve long enjoyed silly fun with haikus.  As February is National Haiku Writing Month, I’ve written a few which Catherine Johnson has kindly posted on her blog.

And while you’re there, check out some of her other posts.  She does a lot of fun stuff with poetry and painting and is an all-around excellent human.

4 thoughts on “The Month of the Haiku

  1. Barbara Forte Abate

    Jeezaloo,but who knew! (That I can accidentally rhyme without trying, or that this is National Haiku Writing Month?) Well, I’m pretty happy to catch this bit of exciting news before the whole celebration passed me by!

    And thank you for the convenient road-map over to Catherine’s place. I do enjoy stopping over there–such a happy atmosphere–like strolling along on the perpetually sunny side of the street.

  2. Kirsten

    Who knew? Haiku! 😉
    Okay, never mind … and since the Internet is ever so much easier to navigate than the snowy streets outside my house, I’ll hop on over and see what you’ve got!


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