Poll Results: Octopoids Are Our Friends

Last week I linked to a video in which a crafty octopus perpetrated a heist, stealing a video camera while it was still recording.  I also ran a poll so the people could decide Octopus: Threat or Menace?

The poll is now closed and the results are in.  As we can see, octopoids are our friends.

Octopus is pleased.

He is so pleased that today we’re going to explore some links that conform to an octopus theme.

This first link came over Twitter from Debra Eve and showcases the Octopus Table by Isaac Kraus.  This amazing work of art weighs 500 lbs. and is perfect for tea with Cthulhu.  Thanks for the link, Debra!

We continue our sculpture theme by visiting the site of artist Scott Musgrove.  The photos of “Walktopus” depict a work in progress, but it already impresses with its detailed suction cups and jaunty stride.

"I'll get you next time!" (image by Norbert Wu via HowStuffWorks)

Next we investigate How Octopuses Work.  This article provides a fascinating look at how these complex biological contraptions operate, complete with photo and video illustration.

If you have mad knitting skills, you too can make a Socktopus of your very own.  Who wouldn’t want one of these at their side during troubled times?

And with St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, no mash-up of octopus-themed links would be complete without something like this leprechaun octopus.

As a bonus feature, watch in amazement as this intrepid young octopus heaves himself up to the world of sun and air, leaving some sort of crab offering before returning to the deep from whence he came.

*     *     *

Have you found any interesting or fun links recently, octopus-themed or otherwise?

13 thoughts on “Poll Results: Octopoids Are Our Friends

  1. hmcmullin

    Neat video. Thanks for the link, Mike. It would really be interesting to know what the little guy was trying to do – tidy his tank, share a gift, or get rid of an unwelcome guest?

  2. Gloria Richard Author

    I MUST share the Socktopus link with my sister. She has the talent to create one or two or three.

    Hey! Why didn’t you change your profile pic to one with a Socktopus as a Hat? Just a suggestion…

    A dang good one, at that.

    Please have the pic ready when you bring your giant fish and snail to visit Squee Key.

    1. Mike Schulenberg Post author

      I must admit that Socktopus makes a fantastic hat.

      I’ll definitely have a picture of my giant fish when I turn in the blog post. I have a draft written–I just need to polish it up a little and take a picture.

      I hope it’s okay if the post is just about the fish and doesn’t mention the snail at all. I’m having some trouble locating the snail at the moment and figured I could save him for another post. The one about the fish is around 500 words, so it should be an okay length for a post 🙂

  3. Kirsten

    The octopus table is gorgeous. Thanks for giving my Muse something to chew on! This one is going to show up in a story for sure. 🙂
    I think those Socktopuses, (Socktopi?) are going to be the next big thing!


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