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Dark Wings of Mister Flappy

In the tradition of the recently-renamed Curse of the Devil-Possum–now with provocative photo illustration–comes another horrifying tale of an invader from another world.  Read on, gentle blog visitor…

image via The Cimmerian

One Saturday afternoon I sat in my office at work, toiling at my desk.  Out in the hallway, a thing darted through the air past my door.

I looked up.  What was that?  Some kind of flying organism?

But having work I wanted to finish before going home, I shoved my curiosity aside and began toiling once more.  And once more, the Thing in the Hallway™ darted past my door, this time in the other direction.

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Escape From Detroit

Much of my family is scattered across the country, so I haven’t been able to visit them as often as I’d like.  When my grandmother arranged a gathering to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday, I boarded a plane, looking forward to catching up with relatives I hadn’t seen in many years, including cousins I had never met before.

The trip involved a connecting flight in Detroit.

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Guest Post @ Gloria Richard’s Blog

The Eye of Qegu

The Eye of Qegu

The ever-watchful eye never closes. Not for sleep.  Not even for birthday surprises.

Today I’m happy to share the story of Qegu, the Giant Fish of Wonder, at Gloria Richard’s blog.  Qegu’s battle against evil is tireless and eternal, but not thankless.

Be sure to check out the rest of Gloria’s site while you’re there.  Friendly and always entertaining, she can be followed on Twitter @GloriaWrites.

Curse of the Devil-Possum

Years ago, my friend Tom lived across the street. One day he constructed a plywood vault in his garage and sound-proofed the walls and ceiling with thick carpet, protecting the neighbors from the loud music we used to torture out of an array of musical instruments. Our circle of friends got along well with Tom’s mom, and we were allowed to hang out in the garage even when Tom wasn’t home.

Returning from an escapade late one evening, Tom and I approached the vault and found a note impaled to the door by a plastic dart, a desperate message scrawled by one of our friends:

“Good gravy! There’s a freaking possum or something inside. Watch out!”

The note puzzled us. It had to be a joke. Did a wild animal truly lurk beyond the threshold, waiting to descend upon us, savage our flesh, and infect us with vile pestilence?

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