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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award of the Zombie Apocalypse

Very Inspiring Blog AwardLong ago, Ellen Gregory–fellow writer, blogger, and all-around excellent human–bestowed upon me the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award.’¬† In return, I bestow upon her this expression of gratitude:

Thanks, Ellen ūüôā

As this award appears to be a vehicle for revealing seven pieces of information about oneself, I have unearthed these random facts…

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The Versatile Blogger Award: My Turn

When the incomparable Tami Clayton tagged me for the game that spawned These Questions Three, she also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  As with the Liebster Blog Award, rules must be followed so that interdimensional beings do not awaken and devour our world:

  • Thank the person who nominated me.

Thanks, Tami!

  • Include a link to his/her blog.

The astute blog visitor will notice I already linked to her blog when I thanked her.¬† I’m efficient like that.¬† You should see my sock drawer–there are also pants in there.¬† If I need socks, chances are I probably need pants, too.

The Liebster Award: My Turn

Writer-blogger friend Sheila Pierson has bestowed a Liebster Award upon me.  Thanks for giving my blog its first award, Sheila!

According to legends that come to us from antiquity, the Liebster is meant for blogs that motivate, inspire, and have 200 followers or less.  Its apparent purpose is to summon new followers like some sort of mystical talisman, increasing the power of those of us who are just beginning.

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